Is this the worst aunt ever?

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16 October 2014

A jury in America has awarded no damages to a woman who sued her 12-year-old nephew over an injury she allegedly suffered when he greeted her at a party four years ago.

Jennifer Connell of New York claimed damages of $127 000 (about R1,7 million) from the boy. She alleged that her nephew, eight years old at the time, had behaved unreasonably when he jumped into her arms when she arrived at his birthday party.

She alleged that the boisterous greeting had caused her to fall and break her wrist. The 54-year-old woman asked the six members of the jury to find the boy liable for her injury. On Tuesday it took the jury 25 minutes to find in favour of the boy.

She alleged that her life became “very difficult” after the injury. “I live in Manhattan in a third-floor walk-up so it has been very difficult,” she told the court.

She said she loves her nephew but he should be held liable.

The boy, whose mother died last year, was with his father in court while the woman testified against him.

Jennifer, who has been dubbed the "Auntie Christ" in the press and on social media, says the lawsuit was an insurance "formality" to help cover her medical costs and wasn't meant to be blown out of proportion.

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