Is this the worst parallel parking attempt ever?

By Lindsay de Freitas
14 July 2015

What's worse than trying to parallel park in front of a group of people? Trying to parallel park in front of a camera.

This hilarious video shows the driver of a yellow Fiat desperately trying to parallel park their car on a street in West Lothian, Scotland. CCTV footage shows the driver failing terribly in his attempt, haphazardly reversing into a wall and a nearby car.

The footage, which was filmed by camera mounted on a nearby home and plays like a Mr Bean skit, shows the driver slowly trying to position his car into a gap between two cars.

Moving back and forth in an attempt to straighten up, he suddenly reverses and turns - smashing into a wall and side-swiping the black Ford Fiesta behind him.

But instead of getting out the car to check the damage to his car and the black Fiesta, the motorist pauses for a while, before driving off down the road to look for another parking spot.

According Walter Cunningham, who owns the black Fiesta, 'It was awful seeing him ruin my motor like that, especially as I could do nothing to prevent it.’


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