Is this Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? This photo has people up in arms

By Petrus Malherbe
28 October 2015

You've got love a good viral photo debate.

Even though this one was taken in 2013, someone has dredged it up -- and unleashed a furious internet debate

About what you ask? Well, it's quite simple really: Is this Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

billmurray (1)

It seems no-one is 100% sure.

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But before you make up your mind on this important existential question, a quick reminder:

And this is Bill Murray, the hilarious actor from movies like Groundhog Day and the original Ghostbusters:

Here's a closer look at the offending picture. Who do you think it is?


Hazard a guess:

The answer? Here's the original Facebook post:

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