Is your biological clock actually ticking?

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29 August 2014

Many women worry their biological clock is running out of time. And now it seems it really could be a ticking time bomb.

According to new research, the sound of a clock ticking could hurry women into making decisions about getting married and having children. And it could even lead to women going for “less successful” men as a result of feeling rushed.

US researchers at Florida State University carried out two experiments on men and women to see what effect a ticking clock has on their attitudes towards reproducing.

The experts believe the idea of a biological clock is so deeply rooted in women that they can on a subconscious level almost feel their childbearing years pass when they hear the tick-tock sound.

In the first experiment, researchers asked 59 men and women at what age they’d like to marry and have kids. In the second, they were probed about what they want in a husband or wife and how financially secure their childhood was.

In the case of women whose families were poorer, it seemed the ticking sound influenced them to want children earlier and to worry less about a potential husband's wealth.

Those whose families were richer seemed to become pickier about a partner when they heard the ticking.

The study, published in the Human Nature journal, found men weren’t influenced by the tick-tock sound.

"Women’s reproductive capacity is strongly constrained by their age," the researchers said.

"Unlike men, who can produce offspring until a very old age, women lose their ability to conceive children at menopause.

"Subtle clues that signal the passage of time – such as the perception of a ticking clock – may signal threats to a woman’s reproductive potential."

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