Isabella the outsider

By admin
10 September 2010

She always seems to be hovering somewhere in the background, carrying a baby blanket and bag like a glorified babysitter. And when photographers approach she seems to cringe.

But the shy young woman often spotted besideKatie Holmes (31) and sassy little Suri Cruise(4) is far from being hired help.

Isabella Cruise is the adopted daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise (48) andNicole Kidman – yet despite her celebrity family the 17-year-old seems to find the limelight excruciating.

Connor (15) has chosen to follow in Tom’s acting footsteps and has appeared in Seven Pounds, playing a young Will Smith, and has another film lined up

As one friend puts it, “Tom hangs out with Connor and Katie and Suri shop so Isabella never feels as if she fits in.”

The one place where Isabella is happy is with Nicole (43). Although Katie has tried to build a relationship with her stepdaughter, Nicole seems to be the only one who can make Isabella feel truly comfortable and loved.

That’s why the teen recently told her father she’s moving to Nashville, Tennessee, when she turns 18 in December.

Her dad, of course, doesn’t want her to go. Most worrying for Tom - one of the world’s most high-profile Scientologists - is the fact she wants to leave the controversial church.

Until now she and Connor have been home-schooled by Tom’s sister, Cass, and they’ve followed the teachings of Scientology.

It has come at a high personal cost though.

“The way she has been brought up with Scientology means she hasn’t made many friends,” an insider says.

Isabella is more like Nicole - a dreamer and writer. Soon she’ll finally get to spend more time with her mom, whom she hasn’t seen often since Nicole and Tom divorced in 2001.

Another point in Nicole’s favour is she’s not a fan of Scientology. She also doesn’t flaunt her new child and Isabella is said to be closer to Sunday Rose (2) than to Suri.

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