Isidingo’s Barker Haines slims down

By admin
16 March 2012

It’s barely noon and we’re sipping champagne with Robert Whitehead. He’s toasting the good life – a slimmer, healthier life that nevertheless includes the occasional tipple.

But the 60-year-old Isidingo star deserves to celebrate (in moderation, of course): he’s looking better than he has in ages.

“I haven’t worn this striped jacket in almost 10 years,” he announces proudly, taking another sip of bubbly and relaxing in his chair at his favourite hangout, The Country Club Johannesburg in Auckland Park.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled it out of storage to find it fits me perfectly.

“I haven’t been on a shopping spree yet to fully celebrate this new weight but I will soon,” he adds with a grin. “For now it’s about rediscovering my wardrobe and getting things altered to fit me.”

Robert (and as a consequence Barker Haines, his nasty character in the hit SABC3 soap) has gone from a hefty 118 kg to 94 kg in eight months and feels fit and fabulous – a far cry from the bloated actor who often felt like death warmed up.

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