Isidingo’s Jay Anstey in the spotlight

By admin
08 June 2012

It’s been a tough few weeks for Jay Anstey. The Isidingo star has been part of a lesbian storyline that has some viewers so hot under the collar they’ve been sending her hate mail.

And as if that weren’t enough Jay also had to film harrowing scenes in which Charlie is brutally raped by an unidentified man then struggles to hold things together.

If she’s feeling shell-shocked after all that’s happened recently on the Isidingo set she’s not showing it.

Cool and collected, Jay is very different to the rebellious character she plays on the small screen – which probably explains why at 21 she’s a sought-after actress with a bright future beckoning.

She and her sister, Amy (23), recently landed roles in upcoming Hollywood thriller Inescapable, starring Marisa Tomei and Joshua Jackson.

It tells the story of a Syrian expat (Alexander Siddig) who returns from America to search for his journalist daughter, Muna (Jay), when she goes missing. Amy plays Muna’s younger sister, Leila – and she has Jay to thank for landing the role.

Read Jenny Mathebula’s interview with Jay and Amy in YOU 14 June 2012.

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