Isidingo’s Kimberley now a doting mom

It’s hard to believe this baby girl was born prematurely weighing a mere 2,6 kg – little Annabel Morgan Drummond is now tall for her age, has filled out beautifully and is alert and as animated as can be expected of the offspring of an actress.

And her mom, Marisa Drummond, is smitten with the little bundle she bounces on her lap.

The actress might be better known as arch-bitch Kimberley in Isidingo but there’s nothing nasty about the 31-year-old actress as she coos and fusses over her first-born.

Marisa is showing off her baby exclusively to us (she’s three months old at the time of our shoot) and Annabel is taking to the camera like a duck to water and not fussing at all.

She’s so relaxed, in fact, she yawns and nods off in her mom’s lap.

Read more in Gilda Narsimdas’ article in YOU 1 March 2012.