‘It is a lot easier to find a girlfriend than a job here’

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04 September 2015

Are you a single man looking for a wife? Perhaps you should head for Dongguan in China.

There are reportedly so many women in the southern city that men there allegedly have two or three girlfriends.

“It is a lot easier to find a girlfriend than a job here,” a man told a local TV channel. This reality is in spite of Dongguan being an industrial city where popular electrical goods such as iPhones and iPads are manufactured. Local factories reportedly prefer to hire women because they don’t trust men as much as they do women.

'It is a lot easier to find a girlfriend than a job here'

As a result most men in Dongguan do only odd jobs and have a lot of free time, which means they have plenty of time for girlfriends.

Some men there admit they have two or three permanent girlfriends at a time.

“There are so many young and naive female workers in the city. Why not have more than one if we can? Look, everyone is here to have fun; if you don’t do it, others will.”

The girls are apparently not bothered by the fact that their boyfriends have other girlfriends. Li Bin, a migrant worker, says, “I have three girlfriends and all of them know about each other.

The imbalance in the number of men and women in Dongguan has led to the city being described as a sex capital. The imbalance is believed to be caused by China's infamous one-child policy.

Sources: news.com.au, Mirror

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