'It looked like a shark had taken a bite': Cheap cosmetic surgery ruins woman’s bum

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21 July 2015

A British woman had a nasty surprise when she had cosmetic surgery done on her “wrinkly granny bum”.

Heidi Faulkner (36) suffered from obesity for years. Fed-up, she decided to have gastric band surgery. This procedure helped her lose half her body weight.

“I spent £8 500 [about R165 000] on gastric band surgery in 2007 and it changed my life,” Heidi says. “I went from a size 16 to a size 8 in three years. I was overjoyed . . . I finally felt I’d become the woman I was supposed to be.”

The enormous weight loss had left Heidi with folds of loose skin around her stomach and legs. She also had “wrinkly sagging folds” around her buttocks.

'There were two enormous scars right across my buttocks – as if a shark had come and taken a massive bite'

“I was a 30-something with the body of an 80-something.”

Her son teased her, saying it looked as if her buttocks had melted. “It had no shape; my buttocks were flat and exercise wasn’t making any difference.”

So Heidi took the drastic decision to have surgery done on her wrinkly buttocks. She took her savings – nearly R40 000 – and flew to Prague in the Czech Republic for a “booty job” to lift and tighten her bum.

But when the bandages came off Heidi wasn’t impressed with what the “cheap” surgeon in Prague had done.

“There were two enormous scars right across my buttocks – as if a shark had come and taken a massive bite.”

The doctor tried to comfort her, saying her bum would look better once the swelling had gone down – but it didn’t.

Heidi is apparently one of several women – and men – who have cosmetic surgery on their bums every year.

In the past two years doctors reported an increase of 484 percent in enquiries into “booty jobs”.

In Britain this operation usually costs around R83 000, which is why many Brits travel overseas for cheaper operations.

Heidi now wants to warn others that this kind of operation could be disastrous, as it was in her case.

To make things worse she hasn’t been able to sit properly since the operation.

She appears in an upcoming episode of the TV series Botched Up Bodies in which she tells people about her experience. Doctors on the show describe her cosmetic fiasco as “a tricky situation with no easy solution”. They were able in a two-hour operation to rebuild her buttocks to some extent, using fat sucked from her knees, hips and upper legs. Heidi says it’s a relief to be able to sit again but she still has to do lots of exercise to regain muscle strength. Here’s a picture of her today.

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