It was all set up: 'Pregnant' French woman was an actress in tourism scam

By admin
02 September 2015

The sceptics were right.

The tale of 'Natalie Amyot', the French tourist who fell pregnant after a "beautiful" one-night-stand with a handsome young Australian man that went viral yesterday was set up as part of a tourism marketing ploy.

The 26-year-old made headlines across the world after posting a video onto Facebook and YouTube claiming she had returned to Australia to find the father of her child.

Yesterday, it emerged that Natalie is actually Alizee Michel who is believed to have studied marketing and tourism in Australia. A follow-up video was uploaded to 'Natalie's' YouTube account in which the pretty young brunette says, "I found him", before stepping aside to make way for a blonde-haired blue-eyed man.

"This has been a viral video for Holiday Mooloolaba," he says. "My name is Andy Sellar and I own a company called Sunny Coast social media,' he said. "We do viral videos for businesses. Now I know there is going to be a lot of you that are upset by this... maybe not too happy."

"But this young lady was just a volunteer in this. I did all the Facebook, the YouTube, I did all the answering. She had nothing to do with that, she literally was just an actress."

"We just wanted to put Mooloolaba on the map because it's a wonderful place. So thank you for watching and we are going to do many, many more videos like this," he explained.

After the video went viral, commenter pointed out that it was a bit odd that Natalie didn't know the name of her lover, despite claiming to have saved it on her phone.

Jordan Foster, a friend of Alizee, told Daily Mail Australia that the actress had attended the University of the Sunshine Coast for "a few years". Foster believed Alizee was still in a long-term relationship.

Sources: MailOnline

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