'It was like my unborn baby was trying to kill me'

By Kim Abrahams
18 March 2017

This mom-to-be was allergic to her own baby.

Some moms-to-be have a tougher time during pregnancy than others. But when you're allergic to your own child, pregnancy makes for a horrific nine months. Blood clots on her lungs and never-ceasing morning sickness were some of the terrible conditions Jessica Williams (23), from Hampshire in the UK, had to endure when she became pregnant with her first baby. “It was like my unborn baby was trying to kill me,” says the first-time mom.

At seven months pregnant, Jessica found herself in hospital after vomiting at least ten times day left her terribly dehydrated.

After a number of tests were done on the 23-year-old, her doctor diagnosed her with swine flu.

Fortunately, Jessica’s condition improved. But a few weeks later, she was back in the hospital -- this time with blood clots on her lungs.

Things only worsened for the poor mother-to-be when at 38 weeks, an angry red rash started forming and eventually spread over her entire body.

“The rash was unbearably itchy and it would keep me awake at night.

“It looked awful. I was so embarrassed and refused to show it to anyone. I even scratched my skin so much that it bled,” she recalls.

Jessica’s pregnancy condition isn’t unique to her. Her doctor was able to diagnose her with polymorphic eruption during pregnancy – which is caused by hormonal changes. The severity of the condition can be eased with antihistamines.

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“Essentially, my body was trying to fight the pregnancy.”

Jessica eventually gave birth and what happened after labour is astonishing. “As the nurses stitched me up, I glanced down at my stomach and was shocked to see the rash fading in front of my eyes – it was fascinating to watch,” she explains. Read more: Heavily pregnant woman scrambles over wall as thugs breaks down her front door However, her discomfort and pain of the previous months vanished when she held her baby girl in her arms for the first time.

“I knew in the end my baby would be worth all the pain and stress.

“As I held Ivy, all the problems of the past nine months just faded away."

Source: Metro.co.uk, Mirror, MailOnline

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