'It was MY decision, not Oscar's': Arnold Pistorius on new Oscar documentary

By Kirstin Buick
09 June 2016

Oscar will not be paid for an upcoming TV documentary about his trial, his uncle Arnold says.

In the wake of his highly publicised trial for shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius and his family have avoid speaking out in the media wherever possible -- until now.

Oscar's uncle Arnold revealed that he had agreed to be interviewed as part of a documentary on the saga by British broadcaster ITV, due to be aired after the former paralympian's sentencing proceedings next week.

In a statement, the Pistorius patriarch explained that Oscar and his family have been inundated with requests for interviews Oscar from all over the world – which were "often coupled with huge financial inducements" – but chose not to engage in the "media tsunami", lest it affect the case.

"Our silence was a conscious decision based on our respect for the legal process, the gravity of the case and the devastation and hurt that has been caused," he said.

"However, there can be no doubt that this silence also created fertile ground for inaccuracies and unfounded speculation to flourish in the media and public domain."

As such, the businessman claims to want to give the family a platform to speak out -- but with no payment.

"Despite Oscar’s crippling legal fees, this remains our position. Neither Oscar, nor the Pistorius family will make any money out of this documentary. Any (potential) proceeds would go to charities for children.

"I wish to make it very clear that this engagement with ITV was my decision, and not Oscar’s initiative."

The interview takes place at Arnold's home in Pretoria, during which Oscar will discuss what happened the night he killed his Reeva.

According to the broqadcaster, the 29-year-old will also talks about his relationship with Reeva, the allegations of his previous abusive behaviour towards her and and his previous use of firearms.

The Steenkamp family were reporteldy also asked to feature on the programme, but declined

The documentary will air on Friday, 24 June at 9pm on ITV. South Africa's broadcast date has not yet been announced.

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