Italian nurse accused of killing 38 'pushy' patients

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15 October 2014

An Italian nurse has been arrested for allegedly murdering 38 patients by means of a fatal injection because they “irritated” her and their relatives were “pushy”.

According to reports in the Italian newspaper, Libero Quotidiano, Daniela Poggiali (42) even allegedly took a selfie with a victim moments after the murder.

Daniela was arrested after a 78-year-old patient died earlier this year in suspicious circumstances while in her care. An investigation revealed 37 other patients had died under suspicious circumstances while in her care, according to international newspapers.

She has been charged with murder. The murders allegedly took place in a hospital in northern Italy.

Daniela was arrested on the weekend after 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni died in hospital on 8 April this year. She had dangerously high levels of potassium in her body. Two other patients in Daniela’s care died the same day.

Investigators believe the nurse committed the murders because she had a grudge against “irritating patients and their pushy” relatives.

Authorities believe Daniela injected the patients with a fatal dose of potassium chloride to cause their hearts to stop beating. She has denied guilt.

The Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, quoted one of Daniela’s colleagues as saying that when patients became too demanding Daniela would say, “Leave it to me, I’ll silence them.”

One of the allegedly murdered patients was apparently a relative of the hospital’s director of nursing, with whom Daniela never got on. This death is also being investigated.

SOURCES: Huffington Post; Times

-- Danel Blaauw 

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