It's a boy!

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13 May 2011

She cradles her belly, her manicured hands stroking it as her soon-to-be born son kicks up a storm.

TV presenter Cindy Nell-Roberts is eight-and-a-half months pregnant and she and businessman husband Clive Roberts can’t wait for the day when they can hold their boy for the first time.

“We’re expecting a big baby. Our doctor says they expect he’ll be 4,5 kg when he’s born.”

Cindy has had a busy pregnancy. “Ironically this past year has been the busiest time of my career.” the former Miss South Africa says.

She was launching new products for her and Clive’s cosmetics company, going overseas to model and work as MC, hosting a TV show for the Fifa World Cup and touring SA to promote her how-to guide to the modelling and beauty pageant industry.

Their home in Morningside, Joburg, has also had major renovations.

At first it was difficult to adapt to being pregnant, Cindy says. “It’s strange being three sizes bigger when you come from a modelling background. I’ve put on 16 kg but I don’t mind – it’s all for the baby’s sake. I intend losing it again as soon as possible.”

Overall it has been a problem-free pregnancy.

“I don’t think I’d believe a woman who says pregnancy is only great. It’s wonderful but also worrying. You’re always wondering, ‘Am I doing all the right things? Will the baby be okay?’”

Yet Cindy says the timing couldn’t be better. She turns 30 in October and Clive is 40 in July.

“I feel this is a good age for me to start a family maturity-wise.”

The couple had intended waiting for the birth to find out the baby’s sex but after a few months couldn’t bear not knowing and asked the doctor. He will be named Ethan, which is Hebrew and means strong.

The baby is due on 28 May but Cindy says he could arrive any day now.

The baby room with its nautical theme and a wall inscribed with the words of the song, I Hope You Dance, is ready for him.

Cindy has no plans to encourage her children to follow in her footsteps

“As long as Ethan is happy, has morals and values and good manners. It’s important to us that he has respect for all cultures and ages. And if he sleeps through the night that will be a bonus,” she chuckles.

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