It’s a (Facebook) Love Story

By admin
29 January 2014

We’ve got some clever tricks every girl needs to know so your FB love story ends in happily ever after!

As if guys weren’t complicated enough there’s a whole bunch of relationship landmines you need to dodge when it comes to Facebook such as when is it the right time to change your relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship”? Or what to do about that girl who’s always posting stuff on your guy’s wall?

Facebook flirting

Cute but subtle ways to let him know how you feel:

- leave a funny comment on one of his old photos (so he knows you’ve been looking through them)

- make your status update a private joke that only he will get. Wait for him to comment, then ta-da, you’ve got the green light to start a conversation!

- post something to his wall you know he’ll love, such as a YouTube clip of one of his favourite movie quotes. It shows how well you know him.

REAL LIFE! “His cute status update won me over!”

Kristy knew Nathan liked her after he made a romantic status update.

“Nathan and I had been flirting like crazy at school but neither of us seemed to have the guts to come out and say it. We always commented on and ‘liked’ each other’s Facebook updates. One day my friend called me and said, ‘Get on Facebook now and see what Nate wrote!’ I jumped online to see he’d put my name as his status update, and then ‘liked’ it himself, so it read ‘Kristy . . . Nathan likes this’. I thought it was so cute and loved that he was brave enough to tell all his Facebook friends how he felt about me. We’ve been together for nearly six months now”.

The break-up rules:

Acting like a crazy person on Facebook can make an already difficult break-up so much worse. Be sure to abide by these rules:

If you broke up with him

- If you’re staying friends on FB, don’t change your relationship status too soon, it’ll only be another blow to your already wounded ex. Leave it at least a week or wait until he changes his first.

- Don’t diss him or publicly flirt with other guys on Facebook – treat him how you would like to be treated.

If he broke up with you

- Don’t post emo updates about how your heart’s broken and you’ll never get over it. Vent to your family and close pals, or keep a diary – your whole FB network doesn’t need to know the intimate details of your break-up.

- Don’t leave angry or upset posts on his wall. You’ll look like the crazy, desperate ex-girlfriend rather than the strong, capable chick you are.

Post break-up: To unfriend or not to unfriend?

If the relationship didn’t end well you might as well hit ‘unfriend’ and get him out of your life. But if you’re on good terms and don’t want to unfriend, there’s still a way to stop him appearing all over FB. While ‘hiding’ him will only wipe him from your news feed, if you download the ‘Eternal Sunshine’ app for the Google Chrome browser he won’t appear anywhere on your Facebook unless you search his name. This will prevent you being surprised with his latest pics on the photo albums page just when you thought you were moving on.

How to (quietly) change your relationship status

If you don’t want 27 ‘R u ok?’ comments when you change your relationship status, try this:

- Go to your privacy settings.

- Click on ‘customise settings’ within the ‘sharing on Facebook’ section.

- Go to ‘relationships’ under ‘things I share’ and select ‘custom’.

- Change to ‘only me’ before you change your status. This way your relationship status change won’t appear in people’s news feeds. You can change it back when the drama dies down.

REAL LIFE! “I got caught stalking!”

It can be hard to resist having a look at what he’s been up to, but when it becomes an obsession it’s not a good sign. Maria* (15) found this out the hard way.

“I used to look at the profile of a guy who caught my bus at least every half an hour, when I was on the computer doing my homework at night and probably over 50 times a day on the weekend. One day I meant to write a status update but I accidentally wrote it on his wall! I realised a few minutes later and deleted it but he must have got an e-mail notification about it because a few days later he called me “Facey stalker” in front of the whole bus!”

Becoming “Facebook official”

So all signs point to you guys being a couple for real but how do you take the next step and become ‘Facebook official’? Say something like “All my friends are asking me when I’m going to change my status – what do you think?” Don’t worry if he doesn’t seem keen, he just might not think it’s a big deal.

Who’s that girl?!

Did a flirty comment from a random girl on your man’s page make your jealousy detector go off? If you’re seriously upset, wait a few days then ask him casually. Try this. “How do you know that (insert name) girl I saw who posted on your wall? I feel like I know her from somewhere . . .”

REAL LIFE! “I found out he was cheating on me on Facebook”

Carly* (17) was shocked to see pics of her boyfriend with another girl on Facebook.

“I had been going out with him for three months when one day he SMSed me randomly and said: “I just went out with a friend today. Nothing happened”. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but later on FB I saw he’d been tagged in photos by a girl I didn’t know, posing together and looking flirty. I confronted him and it turned out he’d been cheating on me with the girl who he worked with. She had obviously wanted me to see them so we’d break-up, and the fool didn’t know how to un-tag himself! A lot of our mutual friends saw it and it was really embarrassing. The girl got what she wanted because I broke up with him that day.”

Text: Erin Van Der Meer

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