It’s amazing – we won!

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24 June 2011

They got lost in the hills of Romania, had to travel in smelly taxis in Russia and at one point had such a heated argument it drove one of them to tears.

But all this is now water under the bridge for Victor and Tammy Jih, and South African fans cheered recently as the finale of season 14 of The Amazing Race saw the dynamic brother-and-sister duo pulling off one of the most sensational victories ever.

Even though it has been two years since lawyers Victor (38) and Tammy (29) won the reality TV contest they’re still on a high.

As Victor chats to us by phone from Los Angeles he’s full of praise for his sister who lives in San Francisco.

The corporate litigator says although winning the money felt good the best thing about the race was how it helped bring him and his sister closer.

With a nine-year age gap they didn’t have much in common when they were kids and when they were older they seldom spent time together because they lived in different cities.

“I discovered my sister is a very capable person,” Victor says. “I think we learnt how to work together and communicate better.”

Although for the most part they were a dream team they did clash sometimes.

“I’ve always felt responsible for Tammy so I tend to boss her around. I’m amazed we didn’t kill each other,” Victor says with a chuckle.

The most taxing leg of the race was in Romania where everything went wrong for the siblings and they came close to being eliminated from the contest.

“I’m still amazed we survived,” Victor says.

His favourite leg was the last one because trailing in last place the pressure was off.

“We actually made peace with the fact we wouldn’t win the race. To go from last place to first place was incredible to me.”

Although he’s happy being back in the corporate world Victor says he would do The Amazing Race again in a heartbeat.

Next on his agenda is finding true love. “I wish it were as easy for me to find a girlfriend as it was to find clues in the race,” he jokes.

Maybe he needs to take another trip around the world, and this time make a point of stopping in South Africa – we bet there are lots of local lasses who’d enjoy finding out more about the smart go-getter they saw on TV.

Read all about their amazing experience in YOU, 30 June 2011.

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