It's another baby girl for Redi! Radio host expecting a little sister for 'miracle baby' Neo

By Gabisile Ngcobo
24 March 2016

"I spent six years trying to have a baby and suddenly I’m popping them out,” Redi told YOU with a chuckle.

Redi Tlhabi revealed to YOU that her second child is a little girl -- and she's "super-thrilled".

Life has been bliss for her and husband Dr Brian Tlhabi since they welcomed their miracle baby in October 2013, after battling for years to conceive.

The couple suffered miscarriages and failed fertility treatments for six years before Neo (2) was born.

“We’re making a joke in the house that I spent six years trying to have a baby and suddenly I’m popping them out,” the 38-year-old radio host told YOU with a chuckle.

There’s excitement in Redi’s voice when she speaks to us.

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Redi, who is stepmom to  two grown-up daughters from Brian’s previous marriage, Lesego and Ofentse, says this pregnancy came as a complete surprise to her.

“I did want another baby but we were not actually working on it or doing anything about it. So, to fall pregnant two years later it’s so incredible,” she says.

So, when she missed her period last year, she didn’t think much of it.

“Very early on when I was late I said to my husband, ‘I don’t think I’m pregnant’ because from a medical point of view it didn’t make sense for me just fall pregnant so easily. I didn’t even think it was even a possibility. And Brian said to me, ‘maybe you should check’ and I said ‘nah nah’. I’m not going to check’.”

But she finally checked towards the end of November as she didn’t want to leave anything to chance just in case she was expecting.

“I love my champagne and my wine, and there are so many parties in December and I thought, ‘What if I’m pregnant and I’m going to drink? Let me rather I clear it and find out and if I’m not pregnant I can have fun and have my drink. If I am then I need to stop’.”

Well, the blood test came positive and she hasn’t touched her champagne and wine!

With Neo’s nanny Matukiso Makoloane, who loves dressing her up. PHOTO: Mduduzi Ndzingi With Neo’s nanny Matukiso Makoloane, who loves dressing her up. PHOTO: Mduduzi Ndzingi

Redi, now five months along, was tired and slept a lot in the first three months of her pregnancy . But besides mild nausea and heartburn, she says she’s having a relatively easy time of it.

“I’m not sick… I’m fine,” she adds.

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She’s still active; still runs but shorter distances and works out three times a week with a personal trainer to keep fit.

She’s just not happy that she’s overeating and munching on chocolates and cakes – food she normally wouldn’t eat.

“I’m so bad, and I don’t know what to do. I’m so cross with myself. I was so determined to eat healthily,” she adds.

Neo is already forming a bond with her sister and puts her little hand on her mommy’s tummy every day to greet the baby.

“She says, ‘hello baby, I love you, be healthy’.”

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This doting mother has already made a conscious decision that Neo doesn’t feel left out when the new baby arrives end of July.

“When I come from the hospital I want someone else to be holding the baby. Neo must see me with my hands-free to pick her up, hug and kiss her. I really believe that the way I introduce this new life to her is going to determine how she relates to her.”

And she’s still going to bathe with her every night and swim with her twice a week like they’re doing now.

“I want to do those things for her to realise that this person isn’t a threat, my life hasn’t changed.”

She was also advised to buy Neo a doll and get her involved to help her adapt to the changes in their home.

“So, both of us will be bringing our babies home. So when I’m holding the baby, she’s holding her new doll, when I’m bathing the baby, she’s bathing the doll. It makes them feel useful and that we’re in this together.”

But she has no doubt that her two children will get along just fine because Neo loves people and has many friends at playschool.

Redi, who’s also a Master's student in Gender and Literature at Wits University, admits that balancing all these roles may be overwhelming.

“You can’t pause to think about the difficult things you have to do, you just have to do them. Somehow I manage to juggle, somehow I’m working, a mother, a wife, a friend and I’m just doing it.”

And she has cut down on her work schedule and only does radio four days a week at the moment while trying to make room for her studies and everything in between like having lunch with Neo in the afternoons after work and playing with her.

“I don’t want Neo to remember me with my notes and buried in books.”

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