‘It’s just love’: 7de Laan actor on THAT kiss – and the backlash

By Hilda Van Dyk
06 March 2017

"People are people. Love is love, and that’s fine."

“At the end of the day it’s all about love. And that's fine,” says Arnu de Villiers, the handsome actor who made waves after a very special kiss on popular soapie 7de Laan last week.

Viewers were left with their jaws on the floor when Logan (Simon Tuit) kissed his husband, Divan (played by Arnu), in front of everyone in Oppiekoffie, during Thursday night’s episode.

Divan and Logan's tender moment is the first ever gay kiss in the history of the show.

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On Monday morning Arnu (27) responded for the first time to the unbelievable reaction the kiss has caused.

“Last night as I scrolled FB and once again came across The Kiss. I thought, 'Heck, why only me? How cool will it be if everyone can kiss and post a photo of their love?' " he said on his Facebook page. “Be it straight, gay, bi, interracial, whatever!

“Let’s rather stand together and show the world this isn't only happening in soaps but in real life - just LOVE.”

The model from Johannesburg admits that at first he was sceptical when he heard his character was going to be kissing another man in the soapie.

“I knew it was going to cause an uproar,” he told YOU. “But I also knew it would resonate with people; it’s going to mean something to someone. That was how I knew I'd accept the role.”

Rehearsing the scene was uncomfortable, Arnu admits. Initially it was also difficult to “get into the character”. To make matters worse it was his first day on set and also the first time he met Simon.

“When I saw it afterwards I thought, 'Wow! That’s me!' It was quite intense but I knew I’d done my job.”

After the episode aired many viewers reacted angrily and called the scene “disgusting”.

But Arnu thinks those reactions are unnecessary. “We live in a time where everyone knows what it means to be gay; the difference is that seeing it on TV puts it in your face.”

He’s not too bothered with the negative comments anyway, he reveals. “It’s a matter that’s being discussed the world over. People are people. Love is love and that’s fine.

“Raise your children properly so they’re aware because one day it might be your child who turns out to be gay and they might not know how to tell you.”

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