It's not what you think! Dad shares creepy photo that every parent can probably relate to

By admin
10 August 2016

Because when you're a parent, there's no such thing as privacy.

At first, the photo looks like a movie poster for a low-budget horror movie. How cliché is the image of the small figure pressed against the frosted glass, right? But this photo is not a still from a movie, it is part of the everyday lives of many parents -- that overly attached toddler who follows you EVERYWHERE. The bathroom included.

My toddler while I'm trying to use the bathroom from creepy

The hilarious (but ghostly) photo was shared on the 'Creepy' side of Reddit by user CrazedCanucck.

"My toddler when I'm trying to use the bathroom," he captioned it.

Naturally, many parents found the image relatable, sharing their own horror stories.

"I live in a pre-war apartment with old a** bathroom doors with no functioning locks," commented one user.

"So my toddler just busts right in and then tells me how I'm taking a s*** and then sits on her own potty and stares at me before handing me the toilet paper which is an improvement from the days of her trying to wipe my a** and then crying when I said no."

Another commented, "My bathroom doesn't have a lock, so I get a creepy squeaky door slowly opened a crack with just an eyeball looking at me followed by soft giggles. Poops have become things of nightmares."

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