'It's nothing to be ashamed of!' Kate Winslet opens up about incontinence

By Litaletu Zidepa
10 December 2015

All those flashbulbs and awards shows can't be easy for Kate Winslet -- unlike other Hollywood stars, it's not the fit of her dress or the height of the heels that she'll be thinking about as she swans down the red carpet. It's whether or not she's "leaked".

Like millions of women around the world, Kate (40) suffers from adult incontinence, a urinary condition that causes a leaky bladder. And the mother-of-two refuses to be ashamed of it.

She revealed that she suffered from the condition on the Graham Norton show this month, admitting that sneezing and jumping causes her to "wet herself".

“It’s just part and parcel of life after having children.” she said.

Incontinence is often thought of as a problem among older folk, but it's actually also common among moms, since the muscles that support the bladder are weakened with pregnancy and birth.

Kate, who is mom to Mia (15) and Joe (11) with ex-husband Sam Mendes, as well as son Bear (2) with husband Ned Rocknroll, confessed she can't join her kids on the trampoline.

“I can’t jump on trampolines anymore, I wet myself, " she said “It’s bl***y awful, especially if you’re wearing a skirt.

“When you’ve had a few children you know, it’s just what happens. It’s amazing, two sneezes I’m fine, three, it’s game over.”

British actress, Julie Walters (65), also admitted to the condition while shooting a Christmas ad for Burberry where she had to jump on a trampoline.

“It was terribly embarrassing, saying "I’m sorry, I’m sorry", looking terribly ungainly trying to get off of the trampoline all while dressed head to toe in Burberry.”

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