It's official – women have better memories than men

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13 November 2016

A new study has proved middle-aged women have better memories than men in the same age range.

In the experiment, 212 males and females aged between 45 and 55 were tested on measures of memory and other mental abilities. A total of 34 per cent of the females had not gone through the menopause, 28 per cent were about to start the process, while 30 per cent had already undergone it, though none were having any hormone replacement therapy.

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Participants were assessed by associating a name with a face correctly and recalling lists, with the American researchers noting that the middle-aged women "outscore their similarly aged male counterparts on all memory measures”.

The hormone estradiol, a type of oestrogen, is thought to play an impact of why females have better memories than men and explains why women who go through the menopause may not have as stronger recall as those who have yet to welcome it. It’s also believed estradiol strengthens circuits in the brain, and it could be the reason why women report “brain fog” and forgetfulness after experiencing menopause symptoms.

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This also means women are more at risk of dementia and memory impairment compared to men. However, it isn’t all bad as they certainly came out victorious in the study against the opposite sex.

"Brain fog and complaints of memory issues should be taken seriously," Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton, executive director of The North American Menopause Society, said of the findings posted in journal Menopause.

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