It’s the end of the year and the teachers are getting silly

By admin
14 November 2013

Our education blogger and her colleagues entertained the kids at their school with a staff concert shortly before the exams.

It’s exam time and most activities have tailed off. Teachers are working hard to prepare exam papers and mark them. Some are feeling great job satisfaction when they see their learners pass, while others may be disappointed.

The learners are quieter and more focused. The final exam isn’t child’s play.

But last week, before the exams began, teachers and learners had a lot of fun when our school’s  teachers held a staff concert. The hall echoed with laughter and everyone enjoyed it.

Apart from the fact the learners couldn’t stop talking about their teachers who’d made a fool of themselves on stage, a staff concert is a great team- and spirit-building exercise. We sometimes get so caught up in schoolwork and the continuous paper war that we have no time to chat and laugh and get to know one another better on another level.

But every time we hold a staff concert everyone has fun and colleagues get silly and relax together – to the great entertainment of the learners. I recommend staff concerts to other schools. The learners discover that teachers are just people and good relationships are built up.

Good luck to every teacher with the long hours of marking papers and may you have that satisfied feeling when you see the good results of your learners.

-Olga Channing

* Olga Channing is the deputy principal and Afrikaans teacher at a high school in Pretoria. She’s the author of six books for the new school curriculum and after 24 years as a teacher, she still loves her job.

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