'It's the secret to a happy relationship': Florida man convinces girlfriend to get her breasts enlarged to K cup

By Kirstin Buick
20 May 2015

Ivan LeCasque could write the book on convincing your girlfriend to get bigger breasts.

In fact, he has. The 59-year-old from Florida in the US has convinced no less than four of his girlfriends to go under the knife -- and his current girlfriend, Victoria Highlander (47) has done it three times!

As such, Ivan has written a (highly controversial) book on the subject -- the aptly-named Convince Her To Get Bigger Breasts Manual. Ivan is so convinced that his technique will get results, he's even offered a money-back guarantee. Only one man has asked for his money back so far, and thousands of copies have already been sold.

Victoria hit the headlines last week when she revealed that she has had her bosom enhanced from an already busty D cup to 2an enormous K cup.

Initially, though, she wasn't on board with the whole idea.

"At first of course I was outraged like most women would be," she said. "You think they should love me the way I am, so my first reaction was to say "No, why don't you get a penis enlargement?"

"But now I am more mature. I have had three children who I breastfed and I wanted to go back to feeling sexy."

She's even gone as far as to say she feels her enormous bosom has "enhanced" their relationship.

But she did admit that she wouldn't have had the surgery if she was the one picking up the $11 000 (R131 000)  bill -- which Ivan was only too happy to pick up.

"Women have the same right to ask their men if they are willing to fulfill their fantasies," Ivan says in defense of his fetish, which he thinks is the secret to his happy relationship.

"A lot of relationships become humdrum, especially sexually and we enjoy having something extra in this part of life."

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