It's the time of the selfie! We look at the 10 worst types

By admin
09 January 2014

Selfies have hit social media with a bang! And celebrities are obsessed! Here are the top ten worst selfies that we have seen!

It was the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year in 2013 and we can barely remember the days before selfies. Everywhere you look life is being lived through the self-snapped images. We made a selection of the worst.

1. Shirtless/Cleavage-baring selfie

So you’re showing us a pic of your face, but what you’re really trying to draw our attention to is your mid-section. Don't think we don't know.

Justin Bieber

Ashley Benson

2. Sleeping selfie

Most people find it weird to be looked at when they are sleeping. Not so the sleeping selfie-taker.

Miley Cyrus

3. I-Just-Woke-Up selfie

This selfie is most often used by people who look great when they wake up and they feel everybody needs to know it!

Zayn Malik

4. The sick selfie

You’re so sick . . . yet you had just enough energy to muster to take a selfie. You expect many messages of sympathy.

Justin Bieber

5. The belfie

Sadly, this is a thing. Kim K may well be the queen of the butt selfie.

Kim Kardashian

6. The preggie selfie

Well, at least it takes away the awkwardness of having to guess if you're pregnant or just had too many festive midnight feasts.

Jessica Simpson

7. The Gelfie (Gym Selfie)

Instead of just heading to the gym for your workout, you deem it necessary for everyone to know that you’re actually spending time there, in case the check-in wasn’t enough.

Jessica Alba

8. The Driver Selfie

Just as you’re about to start running your errands for the day, you look into the rear-view mirror and decide, ‘Whoa, I look so good today, I think everyone should see this!’

Kylie Jenner

9. Too-Much-Makeup selfie

Up close, everything is amplified, you know?

Lady Gaga

10. The duck-face selfie

As if the duck face and the selfie were not annoying things on their own, some people have managed to combine the two to bring about one of the worst selfie styles ever.

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards

-Faiza Mallick (@MsFaiza)


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