‘I’ve discovered the real me’

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03 June 2011

Many know her a sexy, sassy young woman who lights up parties with her charm and mile-wide smile. But we meet a more demure version of the popular TV and radio personality.

She’s still striking and that smile is still there but she’s taken things down a notch – because of a religious conversion that has changed her life.

There’s an aura of calm as the usually bubbly 30-year-old talks about the new Elana. She hasn’t had the easiest year – her split from partner Gilan Gork in January hit her hard, she says.

‘‘But I feel I’m becoming some sort of split personality because despite the heartache I’ve also been experiencing a lot of good.’’

The good has been discovering Judaism, which she converted to during her two-year relationship with Gilan, a mind reader and corporate entertainer.

However, her ‘‘journey to God’’ began before she linked up with him. They delved deeper into the Jewish faith together.

‘‘We embarked on our journey of discovery to become better, more-informed Jews. We entered the process as a team.’’

Elana hasn’t abandoned her religious journey. She was born to Christian parents but was long fascinated by Judaism.

‘‘I’m still a learning Jew but I’m much more comfortable in this religion than I was as a Christian . . . I feel I’ve finally come home and now know who the real Elana is.’’

She and Gilan are still listed on Facebook as being in a relationship.

‘‘It’s the hardest thing telling people who have supported us over the years that we’re no longer together. It feels like we’re such a disappointment to them.’’

Elana now reads Hebrew and is learning to speak it.

‘‘I’m fascinated with the religious texts and the way people speak and interact. It’s become a way of life and I just want to absorb as much as I can.’’

She’s adopted a kosher diet and attends Friday night services at her local synagogue.

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