J Lo vs Mariah

By admin
25 October 2013

Their perfectly manicured talons are out – but these diva rivals have more in common than they’d care to admit

They've  always been careful not to allow the bubble of bitchiness to burst in the years they’ve been feuding. But it’s becoming increasing- ly difficult for Mariah Carey (43) and Jennifer Lopez (44) to keep their long-simmering tension under wraps.J Lo’s assistant, Gilly Iyer (37) recently defected to the Carey camp, something she surely knew would get on her former employer’s nerves.The reason for her move is believed to be Casper Smart, J Lo’s toy boy lover, who has a penchant for bossing around her staff and insisting they call him Mr Smart.

It’s no secret among industry insiders the two divas don’t get along. It started more than a decade ago when Mariah’s ex-husband, Sony Music boss Tommy Mottola (64), gave a music sample Mariah had wanted to use to J Lo for her hit track I’m Real.

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