Jack like you've never seen him before! A behind-the-scenes look at Jack Parow’s new video

By admin
11 August 2014

Jack Parow recognises the working class in his new video.

He may be famous now, but Jack Parow knows a thing or two about being a member of the working class -- he used to work as a fish packer and in a graveyard. Now Jack is using his latest video, Ode to You, to pay homage to 'ordinary' folks.

The rapper certainly did his research! He met up with people from all walks of life to get a feel of what their jobs entailed. He and Nonku, who features on the track, have been hard at work filming the vid in and around the Mother City.  The video is directed by Paul Ward, who also directed the vid for Jack's track P.A.R.T.Y, and is due to be released on August 18.

Ode to You will see Jack work as a painter:

Jack and Nonku getting ready to paint. PHOTO: Supplied. PHOTO: Supplied.

A Big Issue sales person:

PHOTO: Supplied

A construction worker:

PHOTO: Supplied.

And as a mechanic, amongst other things:

PHOTO: Supplied.

We can't wait to see the final product! Here is a look at the behind the scenes video of Jack conducting his research:

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