Jack Parow, Afrikaans rap king

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16 March 2012

It’s a windy day in Cape Town when we visit Jack Parow (30), and as we enter his flat it seems it’s also been hit by a powerful gust.

It’s the kind of chaos you’d expect to see in a typical teenager’s bedroom – the floor’s littered with clothes, CDs, DVDs, piles of video games, booze bottles, toys, magazines and overflowing ashtrays.

“Awê,” the bad boy of Afrikaans music says in greeting. He apologises for the state of the flat and says he mostly stays over with his girlfriend, Jenna Pietersen (25).

Their baby is due in June and hopefully life will have calmed down a bit by then for the popular zef [common] rapper and his underwear model partner.

At the moment life is hectic, Jack says with a sigh. His second album, Eksie Ou (“I’m the man”), was released in December last year and is making waves just as his self-titled debut album did.

And with his song Hosh Tokolosh at No 1 on 5FM’s chart requests for shows are pouring in.

YOU’s Hannelie Booyens spoke to Jack about his career, his swearing and the fact he doesn’t want to be labelled zef. Read more in YOU 22 March 2012.

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