Jackie Collins waited how long to get breast lump checked?

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25 September 2015

Late author Jackie Collins waited to see a doctor for two years after finding a lump in her breast.

The 77-year-old star died on Saturday (19Sep15) following a battle with breast cancer which she had kept secret for six years. Jackie sat down for an interview with People magazine just days before she passed away in Los Angeles, where she spoke about her illness at length.

She explained: “I thought, 'I'm not dealing with this,' because in my mind I decided it was benign.”

'I happily, happily went day by day'

The star found the mass two years before she was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer in 2009.

She added: "I've had to deal with losing my mother (to breast cancer), my husband (prostate cancer) and my fiancé (lung cancer) and I did not want to put pressure on everybody in the family. So I happily, happily went day by day."

Although Jackie knew she should seek medical help, she was “completely doctor-phobic” and couldn’t bring herself to do so.

While that was her decision, the star spoke out in an attempt to convince other women not to follow in her footsteps.

She said: “Women should get check-ups because it really helps to get diagnosed early. I know we're all told to do it, but some of us are too stupid, and I was one of them."

Jackie was the younger sister of actress Joan Collins, but she only told her sibling about her illness two weeks before she died. Her sister was understandably shocked but did her best to be supportive, with Jackie admitting she was initially unsure Joan would be able to cope, which was why she didn’t share her diagnosis.

Jackie explained: “I would really have affected her. I just felt she didn't need it in her life.

“She's very positive and very social, but I'm not sure how strong she is, so I didn't want to burden her with it.”

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