Jaime King: My struggle to choose a baby name

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19 July 2015

Jaime King doesn’t want her next baby’s name to be “too Hollywood”.

The 36-year-old actress is expecting her second child with husband Kyle Newman.

The pair are already parents to 20-month-old James Knight, and Jaime has opened up about how they are attempting to choose a moniker ahead of the new addition making its arrival.

'You don’t want something to be too Hollywood and out there'

“I know the first part [of the name],” Jaime told People.com. “We just have to decide on the second part. Names are never easy, you don’t want something to be too Hollywood and out there.

“I want my child to feel strong in life and in business and what they do, but it’s still romantic at the same time … It’s not easy, but I like classic and eclectic mixed together so it’s a bit of both of my worlds at the same time.”

The arrival of another baby is always difficult for a first-born. But Jaime says she and Kyle have done their best to prepare James for the arrival of his sibling.

“I think that by consistently loving him and talking to him, and not going overboard with like, ‘Okay you’re going to have a baby and you’ve got to get ready for this,’ ” she added. “I feel like by innately including him in everything that we do , in the process [we’re] letting him know that there’s a baby on the way.”

“There’s always an inner adjustment period, but the idea of being able to create a life and create a bigger family — it’s really exciting for me. I feel very, very lucky.”

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