Jamali's new naughty and nice offering!

“I just think it is a fantastic album, something that our fans will definitely love. We are at a point now where we aren’t young and not really old either. I feel like we are smack in the middle right now, between naughty and nice” says Jamali’s Jacqui. The toxic part is edgy and current and the candy part is the ballads that Jamali is known for.

The 14 track album also features a collaboration by the trio with two of South Africa’s hottest rappers JR and Pro on the song Jati

JacquiMariechan and Liesl shot to fame in 2004 when they came second in the Coca-Cola Pop stars talent search. They have since enjoyed enormous success with their three albums selling thousands of copies and winning numerous awards including a South African Music Award.

The album which will be launched officially at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace on 31 March.