James Franco's disturbing movie

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03 August 2014

James Franco is thrilled with his "dark and disturbing" directorial effort.

The 36-year-old star has adapted Cormac McCarthy novel Child of God for the big screen, taking on directing, writing and acting credits. Earlier this week it was screened at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City, and while James was 30 minutes late, he couldn't contain his excitement about the project. "It’s dark and disturbing, and Bernadette Peters [actress, singer and author] is here, and she didn’t know that, so I hope she likes it," he gushed, according to New York Daily News.

"I lost 45 pounds subsisting on apples and fish... It’s all about discipline."

James called the movie his "favourite project" and explained he was honoured to helm it, as Cormac is an author he greatly admires.

Also at the screening was Scott Haze, the film's main star. It's about a man who lives outside the normal constraints of society, which has a disastrous effect on him. Scott went to great lengths to get into character as Lester Ballard, including living in isolation for three-and-a-half months in Tennessee. He wasn't in touch with anyone during that time and only had some Eminem tracks to listen to, causing some surprising things to happen to him.

"I lost 45 pounds subsisting on apples and fish... It’s all about discipline. You don’t have Internet access, or the numerous things that you normally have in life to occupy yourself, so you invent things and talk to yourself,” he said. “I made friends that were not there.”

James and Scott have been friends for over ten years and James was sure his pal was the perfect choice for the role. In it Lester shoots two stuffed animals and while it's affecting, James reassures people will find some dark humour in the movie too.

"I saw the project as an opportunity to examine extreme isolation,” he said. “He is pushed into this dreadful situation because he has been pushed out of all civilised society. And heck, he’s even a little funny. He’s a bumbling killer."

Also at the screening was Lana Del Rey, who was overheard asking which room James was partying in after the film was shown.

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