James Marsden sobbed through The Notebook

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05 February 2015

James Marsden cried watching The Notebook.

The 41-year-old actor starred in the 2004 romantic film alongside Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. But despite being in the movie, it still brought a tear to his eye when he watched it.

“The Notebook made me cry! It got me. Ryan and Rachel were fantastic,” he told Cosmopolitan.co.uk. “I was at the premiere and they were handing out tissue packages. I thought that was presumptuous. I was like, ‘Take those away,’ but they said, ‘No. We've done this before. We've had plenty of screenings. We need them.’ I remember going to the men's bathroom afterwards and there were grown men splashing water on their faces to clean up.”

'I find as I get older I'm more traditional and old-fashioned'

James admits he’s a romantic off-screen just as much as he is on it. The 27 Dresses star may have been divorced but he feels that he’s learned over the years how to make relationships work.

“I find as I get older I'm more traditional and old-fashioned. I prefer face to face conversation as opposed to texting,” he said. “You need to go out of your way to spend good time with one another, you need to have a date night. Whether you have kids or a career or whatever, for a relationship to thrive, it's about making time for each other.”

The actor was married to actress Lisa Linde for 11 years before she filed for divorce in September 2011.

During his marriage he did many romantic things; although some of them make him cringe when he thinks back on them.

“When I was with my wife, I brought my guitar to the beach and sung to her. It sounds really cheesy right now, but at the time it felt romantic. It all depends on what your definition of romance is,” he added. “When you have kids and get older it goes beyond flowers and chocolate. It's about waking up with a baby, letting her sleep in, and making a coffee for her when she wakes up. To me, being romantic is putting someone else first and thinking about what makes them happy.”

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