Jamie Dornan's a series binge watcher!

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13 January 2015

Jamie Dornan has a bit of a TV “binge” every now and again.

The 32-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey actor married fellow thespian Amelia Warner in 2013.

'You think you don’t have any time and then you watch a whole series in two nights'

And although the couple are constantly busy with work projects, they somehow manage to watch entire seasons of shows online within 48 hours.

“I binge, yeah,” Jamie admitted during a Netflix presentation for his digital series, The Fall, according to Collider. “My wife and I have a young daughter, and we’re both very busy with work and everything. You think you don’t have any time, at all, and then you watch a whole series in two nights.”

Jamie confesses it’s easy for him to get hooked after seeing just one episode of a great programme.

The Hollywood A-lister attempts to steer clear from overly trendy shows, but somehow gets sucked into them anyway.

“I always have this stance, when something is really popular, where I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to watch that because everyone is watching it,’ and I’m trying to be cool. I did that with Breaking Bad,” he noted. “We hadn’t seen any of it, and then everyone was talking about the finale so much that I was like, ‘We’re just going to have to cave in and watch it.’ I was filming in Vancouver, at the time, and we watched all of Breaking Bad. In what must have been two months, we watched the entire show. It’s a great way to watch stuff. You can have a break when you want. It’s just all on your terms. You can watch as much of it, when you want. I think it’s a great medium.”

The second season of Jamie’s thriller series The Fall is available on Netflix starting January 16.

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