Jamie Foxx swears to scare off gorgeous daughter's suitors

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21 October 2014

Jamie Foxx hasn't needed to "scare off" any of his daughter's dates... yet.

Jamie Foxx hasn't needed to "scare off" any of his daughter's dates... yet. The 46-year-old actor-and-comedian is father to Corinne (20) and also has five-year-old Annalise from different relationships. Corinne is a model and also studying at university, although she and her father remain very close.

 ‘Fortunately, she hasn't brought anyone home who required scaring off’

"Corinne is very sociable, but she is great about keeping me in the loop. She knows I'm cool as long as I know she's safe. Fortunately, she hasn't brought anyone home who required scaring off. I'm ready, though - just in case," he laughed to British magazine Hello!

Jamie and his daughter spend a lot of time together and he couldn't be prouder of her achievements.

At the moment she's preparing for a debutantes' ball in Paris next month, which will see her and Jamie treading the boards together. She's a little nervous about that, with Jamie promising to practise his waltz so he doesn't trip her up.

The comedian is in awe of how much his daughter has packed into her life and loves that she's as interested in film and music as he is. One day the pair hope to collaborate, with Corrine admitting she'd love to be as funny as her dad.

"He's definitely a cool dad. I still can't believe I was lucky enough to get a father like my dad. He's so loving, kind, generous, talented and smart," she gushed. "I look up to him and he inspires me to be a better person and to work harder. He always listens to me and values my opinion. He's also just so hilarious. He makes me and my friends laugh whenever we're together."

Jamie enjoys seeing his eldest daughter following in his footsteps, and the little things they have in common make their bond even more special.

"Corrine and I both love all kinds of music, we're creative types, we prefer warmer climates and we aren't morning people. She has my freckles and we have many of the same facial expressions. We can do quirky physical stuff, like rolling our stomachs and an eye trick where you move one pupil at a time," he laughed.

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