Janez Vermeiren receives clean bill of health

By Shanaaz Prince
02 December 2016

We’re glad you’re ok, Janez!

We’re all so used to seeing presenter and businessman, Janez Vermeiren, almost like the poster boy for fitness and good health and even his wife, Juliana will attest to that. “Janez never really goes to the doctor,” she tells YOU. But that changed last month as he took to Twitter to share news of his successful colonoscopy and gastroscopy.

But it turns out this wasn’t just a routine check up. Earlier this year, Janez’s mother Kristien was diagnosed with colon cancer, but luckily enough it was caught early and removed. Unfortunately because it’s hereditary, he was forced to have it checked out.

“Janez was in Belgium around June or July this year when his mother went for a general check up and they found cancer cells in her colon.

Luckily she could go for an operation soon after to have it removed and they had to also remove 30 cm from her intestine. She's now cancer free,” says Juliana.

“As soon as he got back home I made an appointment for him to go and luckily the doctors found nothing but polyps which they removed. But they did do a biopsy on one of the polys and the doctor said that the chances of it being cancerous was high, so thank God he went when he did.”

Janez is expected to have checkups done every two to three years but for now he is back to health and back at work, travelling in Asia where he is currently filming.

Just goes to show, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, we’re glad you’re OK, Janez!

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