Janice Dickinson: 'I thought my cancer was botched boob job'

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02 August 2016

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson initially dismissed her breast cancer as a botched boob job.

Janice, 61, who rose to fame as a model in the 1970s, revealed in March, 2016 she had been diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer after a lump was found in her breast during a routine check-up.

The famously cosmetically enhanced star's initial reaction to finding the lump wasn't one of horror however, as she thought the anomaly was just the result of past surgery, similar to when she appeared on U.S. reality show Botched in 2014 to fix a 30-year-old breast augmentation.

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"My doctor gave me lots of tests," she told Britain's This Morning TV show. "She found a lump. I said 'that's probably an old botched boob from one of my reality shows'."

After undergoing tests, it was determined she was suffering from cancer, as she explains, "I went through a battery of tests... Sonogram... mammogram. I went through 6 months radiation which was very harrowing."

Happily now the modelling veteran and reality TV star has been declared cancer free.

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"The radiation is over. I'm cancer free. Cancer-schmancer!" she exclaimed.

The star admits that she initially struggled with her diagnosis but drew on her psychiatrist fiance Dr Robert 'Rocky' Gerner for support.

"In the beginning I was in just a state of numbness," she said. "I just walked around just feeling numb. I was afraid for my children. They were very, very upset. Then I went through a period that I wouldn't be attractive to my fiance... My fiance told me, 'This will not define you. Cancer will not define you.'"

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