January Teachers for Change winner: Leigh Dunn

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25 January 2013

Teachers for Change

From hundreds of entries we’ve chosen 12 Teachers For Change teachers of the year. In case you missed it: YOU, Huisgenoot and DRUM decided to reward the country’s 12 best teachers with valuable technological and other resources that could change the way they teach.

We sought out teachers with daring and positive energy who have sometimes taken on the system to bring about change and with their hard work made a difference at their schools. We’ve now selected the 12 teachers who are worthy winners in our Teachers For Change campaign.

Each winning teacher and their school will be given an Apple iPad gift pack worth R120 000, sponsored by various benefactors. Each gift pack contains 20 iPads. Teachers at winning schools will be taught to use the iPad as a teaching aid and how to integrate it successfully into the South African curriculum. iSchoolAfrica is sponsoring the training.

The schools will also be given books worth R20 000 each -- handbooks, study guides and dictionaries to suit each school’s needs, as assessed by Oxford University Press. The schools will become part of the Oxford Focus School Project, which has many long-term benefits such as workshops for teachers to best suit each school’s needs.

January Teachers for Change winner: Leigh Dunn

It’s a great pleasure to introduce the YOU, Huisgenoot and DRUM Teachers For Change teacher for January, Mr Leigh Michael Dunn of Formosa Primary School, Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape.

Mr Dunn started the Educating Learners with Special Education Needs (ELSEN) project in the Western Cape. The children he works with are multicultural and have various special needs (physical and psychological disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, visual problems and autism).

In 2012 Mr Dunn visited schools in Belgium and Holland for learners with special educational needs like his learners. In South Africa he gives presentations to share his ideas and practices with other teachers. He has been invited to give presentations at district as well as provincial level. He’s keen to share how he uses play and art elements in the classroom to make the curriculum more interesting and beneficial for learners.

Mr Dunn doesn’t always have the required equipment or finances so he works with NGOs such as Born in Africa, Monkeynastix and the Bitou 10 Foundation.

He recently completed studies in educational management and policy and has, with the help of his curriculum advisers, developed an ELSEN curriculum that other ELSEN schools in the area find beneficial.

Formosa Primary School is a pioneer in Inclusive Education in South Africa, thanks to Mr Dunn’s hard work.

Thank you 

We would like to thank Telkom, our first sponsor. Telkom made it possible for Mr Dunn, our Teachers For Change teacher for January and his school, Formosa Primary School in Plettenberg Bay, to be awarded the wonderful iPad gift pack.

Thank you also to Core, iSchoolAfrica and to the Melville Spar who supplied the snacks and drinks.


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