Japan’s nightmare

By admin
18 March 2011

It’s Japan’s greatest calamity since the events that ended World War 2 – and the country’s misery hasn’t ended.

First a shattering offshore earthquake struck in the northeastern region, triggering a tsunami that surged ashore to obliterate towns, harbours, villages and airports and bury thousands under a destructive sea of debris and sludge.

Then two nuclear power stations – designed, experts said, to withstand severe seismic shocks – were damaged by flooding and their reactorts malfunctioned. Hydrogen explosions from the overheating nuclear cores caused fires and radiation leaks prompted evacuation of thousands of people living nearby.

The multiple catastrophes left tens of thousands of Japanese people homeless, dispossessed, displaced and hungry. Around the world stock markets shivered in anticipation of knock-on effects from the burden on Japan’s economy.

This week’s YOU provides extraordinary coverage of the disaster. More than a dozen pages in the main body of the magazine detail the dramatic events, explain the problem at the nuclear power plants, describe modern building techniques that absorb earthquake shocks, and reflect the spirit and values of Japanese society that ensure the country will rise again.

In addition there’s a 16-page special section of dramatic, touching and shocking pictures of the moments the tsunami rolled ashore and the widespread destruction it caused.

Don’t miss this hugely informative issue of YOU.

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