Jared Leto unveils new tattoo on Twitter

By admin
27 February 2013

Jared Leto has revealed his new tattoo after promising to unveil the his fresh ink when he reached one million followers.

Jared Leto has unveiled his new tattoo on Twitter.

The musician-and-actor promised his followers he would reveal his latest inking if he reached one million followers on the social-networking site, which, much to the delight of his fans, was accomplished on Monday evening.

Jared, 41, shared a photo on his Instagram account on Tuesday showing him standing with his back to the camera and arms stretched outright against a blue screen, exposing an arrow symbol in the middle of his back.

He wrote: "I made you a promise when I hit one million followers. Thank you all! xo (sic)"

The '30 Seconds To Mars' frontman also asked his followers for advice on adding to his new piece, posting: "Should I get my new tattoo filled in? (sic)"

It was just four days earlier that Jared made the deal with his followers and managed to gain a large amount of new admirers in a short amount of time.

He previously tweeted: "Tell ya what ... If we can get me to one million followers by Monday, I'll reveal my back tattoo! (sic)"

However, it seems the inked star has since deleted his account indefinitely and posted a farewell message before cancelling his profile.

He wrote: "GOODBYE (sic)"

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