Jason Biggs was 'upset' he couldn't breastfeed

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19 June 2014

Jason Biggs was annoyed that he couldn't produce breast milk for his four-month-old son Sid.

Jason Biggs is "upset" he can't breastfeed his son.  The 36-year-old actor is loving being a father to his four-month-old son Sid, but the one thing he wishes he could do for the little one is produce his milk and feed him.

'For a while he was like, Wait, can't you pump so that I can give him the bottle?'

Speaking to ABC News, Jason's wife Jenny Mollen, 35, explained: "Jason is a total mum. He was upset that he can't breastfeed. For a while he was like, 'Wait, can't you pump so that I can give him the bottle?' He's all about it."

Despite Jason's attachment to the tiny tot, Jenny - who is currently promoting her new book of essays I Like You Just the Way I Am - insists when their conflicting work schedules force them to spend time apart, she'll always take Sid with her.

She said: "I'm trying to make peace for the fact that I don't have a nanny so it's going to be a lot of one-on-one time with my mum. That's what I'm dealing with!"

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty admits her mother instincts kicked in as soon as she locked eyes on her baby for the first time.

She explained: "The minute I had him, it's so overwhelming. It sounds so cliché but you immediately are just so attached and thinking, 'I want to protect you and love you and give you everything you want.' It'll end up making him a total d***!"

- Bang Showbiz

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