Jay Z in $30 million blackmail plot

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22 April 2014

Jay Z is at the centre of a $30 million (R314 700 000) blackmail plot as a former intern has demanded $110 000 (R1 153 900) in exchange for master recordings of tracks he made in 2002 and 2003.

Jay Z is at the centre of an extortion plot over old recordings.

The Tom Ford rapper is allegedly being blackmailed by a former intern, who has demanded $110 000 (R1 153 90) to return master recordings of tracks such as I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) and Holla.

The recordings are said to be worth $30 million (R314 700 000) and were recorded in New York between 2002 and 2003. The ex-intern contacted Jay's Roc Nation last week demanding payment in exchange for returning the masters, which he had kept in storage in Northridge, California. Roc Nation sent an employee to meet the intern at the storage locker and paid the culprit $2 500 (R26 225) to open it. Inside, the staff member verified that the recordings belonged to their 44-year-old employer. Police were then informed, but as the recordings were never reported missing or stolen, officers claimed they couldn't help until a police report was filed in New York. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "The guy wanted cash and told Jay's people, 'If you don't pay up now, you will lose these recordings forever.'"

 'If you don't pay up now, you will lose these recordings forever.'

"Roc Nation stalled him a day to get the police report filed in New York. They said they would come back the next day to seal the deal and filed the report in New York. Then, on Friday, the LAPD took the guy into custody, but he was released pending further investigation."

Among the recordings include never-before-heard music which could be worth $25 (R262 250000) to $30 million (R314 700 000) if included on a future Jay Z album.

The insider claimed: "Jay owns the rights to his master recordings. Some of those in question are songs that are out, but there are others the public has never heard. An album of Jay songs is worth around $25(R262 250000) to $30 million (R314 700 000), but there are also tracks that he wouldn't want out there."

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