Jeannie D calls off her wedding

By admin
22 June 2012

It was expected to be one of the celeb weddings of the year. 

Gorgeous, vivacious, do-nothing-by-halves Jeannie D (30) was pulling out all the stops for her big day and everything was falling into place – the designer dress had been ordered and was awaiting collection overseas, and the wedding planner was in full go-go-go mode.

“It was going to be truly majestic,” the Top Billing presenter says. But six months before her date at the altar she’s called it quits – and although it was the hardest decision of her life she knows it was the right one.

“I don’t believe in divorce and I felt maybe that’s the way things would have ended up,” she says, speaking openly and honestly for the first time about her split from British businessman Jon Firth (36).

“I wasn’t planning on pulling a Kim Kardashian and cancelling my marriage after 72 days. I believe you should go with your gut and my gut was telling me Jon and I shouldn’t be married.”

Read more of Latashia Naidoo’s interview with Jeannie in YOU 28 June 2012.

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