Jeannie D chats with us on Twitter

By admin
25 July 2011

Here's our twitterview with the beautiful Jeannie D.

Hey @Jeannieous, thanks for doing a LIVE #twitterview with us. You ready?

Yep! I'm ready! Let's rock n' roll!

@Jeannieous Where are you tweeting us from? #twitterview

I'm in my office at the moment working

@Jeannieous  Congratulations on sweeping the top awards at #Youspec2011. Where are you going to put all the trophies? #twitterview

I've got trophies on a shelf at my home and I've got 1 at my parents house, 1 at my grans house and Janez has one his house

@Jeannieous  You travel a lot. What is your favourite holiday destination? #twitterview

It’s impossible to choose just 1 favourite, but Alaska, France and Latin America rank as my top 3 so far ooh and Vietnam!

@Jeannieous  If you weren’t a TV presenter, what else would you be doing? #twitterview

Probably an actress but I never had another option or back up plan. I always wanted my job and worked hard to get it

@Jeannieous  Do you have any role models? #twitterview

I don't necessarily have a role model, I draw inspiration from various people and experiences

@Jeannieous  What would you never tweet about? #twitterview

I'm not big on using Twitter for anything negative or anything relatively personal

@Jeannieous What’s for lunch? #twitterview

I keep a very healthy diet but still eat carbs ;) today's lunch is a jacket potato with cottage cheese mmmm yummy!

@Jeannieous  What are you doing for the rest of the day? #twitterview

Working on a tv campaign for @EveBubbly ,planning shoots and mc gigs for the week, gotta work hard to keep jimmy's on my feet!

Good luck @Jeannieous . You were great as always! Thanks for the #twitterview. Enjoy your day.

Big love to YOU and all of the readers for giving me so much support! Kiss kiss kiss!!! ;)

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