Jen An: My friends are my Barbie dolls

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25 April 2015

Jennifer Aniston is thankful that her friends let her use their hair like “Barbie dolls”.

The Horrible Bosses actress is co-owner of Living Proof hair care line with hairstylist and best friend Chris McMillan. And one way Jennifer gets to find out if the products work or not is by testing them out on her nearest and dearest.

“They allow me to sort of use their hair, they’re like Barbie dolls,” she told People magazine. “Courteney [Cox] has gorgeous hair, and [yoga instructor] Mandy’s [Ingber] is really curly so she loves the No Frizz line.”

'They allow me to sort of use their hair'

Jennifer has always been known for her glossy locks and during her Friends days, had the infamous ‘Rachel’ hair cut. But as well as the appearance of locks, the 46-year-old also thinks an attractive scent is key to a successful hair product.

“Everything smells incredible, that’s my other thing that I love about these products” she enthused. “For me that’s always a big thing, that it isn’t too fragrant-y or perfume-y. It’s so fresh and so light, so incredible.”

But despite being involved in the hair care line and being many a woman’s hair style inspiration, Jennifer certainly doesn’t want to be their go-to for advice.

“I so do not want to be the poster child for anyone’s hair problems,” she laughed. “I would just say use Living Proof and you’ll be great to go.”

While she loves the whole range, Jennifer can’t help but have some standout favourites - including the Night Cap Perfector.

“I’m in love with it. When they said to me, ‘Okay, you put it on your hair at night.’ And I said, ‘So I’m going to put a cream on my hair right before I go to bed, and I’m supposed to wake up loving it?'” she recalled. “And honestly, I don’t know what they did or how they did it, but I woke up in the morning and my hair was so shiny and vibrant and the colour looked great and it wasn’t dirty or greasy and there wasn’t a spot on my pillow. I don’t understand it. It’s kind of like magic.”

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