Jen: Friends reunion should wait

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21 January 2015

Jennifer Aniston thinks a Friends reunion should wait until “we’re really, really old”.

The 45-year-old starred in the hit sitcom from 1994 and 2004. Almost as soon as it ended, fans and media started speculating about the six actors reuniting, but Jennifer thinks a comeback should hold out until they’re senior citizens.

'Why not wait 'til we're really, really old and then put us up there'

“Why not wait 'til we're really, really old and then put us up there?" she pondered to E! News. "That would be more interesting."

Friends also starred Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer. Jennifer believes a geriatric reunion would answer a lot more questions about what happened to the gang.

“Where am I? How many kids? Two kids? Three kids? Am I in retail? Am I fat? Is Joey Doughy Joey. Is Ross bald?" she continued.

While Jennifer is proud of her comedy roots, she admitted recently that she had to try and put as much ground as possible between her future roles and that of Rachel Green once the series ended.

“Well, I think it’s also from being on a television show for ten years - that’s in your living room week after week, and now day after day (in syndication). You really do have to kind of run far, far away,” she explained to “But it’s OK. I don’t mind that. I’m up for that challenge, and that’s what excites me… I would be lying if I said in taking this on there wasn’t a part of me that knew I was taking a risk. I knew I had to do it for myself and if it was going to fail and fall flat on its face, then so be it, but I had to. I feel like you have to be brave. You have to be bold. Don’t stay small.”

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