Jennie Garth piled on the pounds after Peter Facinelli split

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11 March 2014

Jennie Garth admits she put on weight after she split up from her husband Peter Facinelli in 2012, and she knew she had to lose a few pounds to be able to work on her career.

Jennie Garth put on weight after splitting up from Peter Facinelli.

The Mystery Girls star admits she piled on the pounds after she broke up with the 40-year-old actor - with whom she has three children Luca (16), Lola (11) and Fiona (7) - in 2012. She said: "Yeah [I put on weight after the split] I was super depressed. I had to lose the weight when I was even considering coming back to Hollywood and needing to make a living-knowing what I do is based on how I look, seeing pictures and going, 'Whoa, nobody is going to hire that to be on TV'." Jennie and Peter divorced last year and, although she found it a difficult and emotional process, she claims the break-up has given her time to work on herself.

'I was super depressed. I had to lose the weight’

She told FOX411: "That is the one good thing about divorce: I have time to actually be with myself, take better care of myself when my girls are with their dad."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty (41) insists she's not dating anyone at the moment, but she hasn't ruled out having more children with someone in the future.

She explained: "If the right situation arose yeah, sure [I'd love to have more kids]. I love children. My girls are very close. They fight constantly. They kill each other every day but they love each other."

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