Jennifer Aniston: Comedy is really hard!

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14 February 2015

Jennifer Aniston doesn't want to sound disrespectful when she questions her past comedic choices.

The American actress rose to fame on smash hit TV show Friends, which enjoyed a decade-long run.

At the same time she enjoyed a successful movie career, but mostly found herself in comedy roles and chick flicks. However her latest turn in drama Cake has seen her leave frivolous films behind.

'comedy is not as revered as drama'

"I felt all of a sudden, 'What have I been doing for the last 20 years?' You scratch your head and go: 'Was that just disrespectful and horrible?'" Jennifer mused to British newspaper Metro. "Because obviously, comedy is not as revered as drama.

"But I think comedy is really hard. I was on a show for ten years, and I saw a lot of the dramatic actors come in and try to be funny. It was like, 'See, not that easy is it?' But it looks effortless."

She won both an Emmy and Golden Globe for her funny turn as Rachel Green in Friends, and once again attracted awards buzz for her role in Cake, bagging a Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe nomination for best actress.

While the 46-year-old may be on the hunt for more serious roles now, that hasn't always been the case.

"I've never been looking for it. I mean, maybe that's half the problem. I don't have a lot of ambition. I don't have that desperation of 'I got to have it!' I know how hard it is to be an actor just to begin with, but to be a working actor - you should just be grateful.

"And I love making people laugh. I find that just as valuable as making people want to kill themselves," she added.

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