Jennifer Aniston 'definitely approved' of husband Justin Theroux's shirtless poster

04 April 2017

Asked what Jennifer thought of the poster, Justin told U.S. TV show Extra: "She has seen the poster, yes. Definitely approved. She likes it."

Jennifer Aniston "definitely approved" of husband Justin Theroux's shirtless poster for The Leftovers.

The 45-year-old actor bares his chiselled abs in the promotional image for the upcoming new series of the HBO show. And alongside the millions of women drooling over the sexy image is Jennifer, who wed Justin in 2015.

The Leftovers is entering its third and final season later this month, which means Justin's slate is going to be clear. And when it comes to what he wants to keep himself busy with, it's writing - with the prospect of penning a TV role for his wife always one Justin keeps in mind.

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"Right now I'm actually going to be focused on writing," he told Entertainment Tonight. "So I have a few things that I've actually already written that I'm tweaking and retooling and another thing I want to write. If the right thing came around (for Jennifer) I would definitely (write) it. We toss around ideas occasionally, but it's got to be something I want to write and something she wants to act in, which is harder than you might think.

"But yeah, it would be fantastic if we were able to do something together."

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Justin is no stranger to penning successful screenplays, having previously written Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2. Of course, Jennifer made her name on the small screen, starring as Rachel Green in much-loved sitcom Friends, and previously said she has been thinking about returning to television "a lot".

"I’ve thought about it a lot. That’s where the work is. That’s where the quality is,” she told Variety. “At this point in my career, I want to be part of wonderful stories, exciting characters, and also just having a good time.”

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